There is an abundance of information about life and abortion already on the web. This includes statistical information, biological information and arguments and adoption resources. Rather than duplicate all this information which is already readily available we have elected to provide links to these sites. If you have a website you would like to be included, kindly contact us and we will consider adding it. (Link to contact us).

Pro Life Organizations

California Pro Life Counsel:

National Light to Life:

Operation Rescue:


Adoption Resources

Adoption Answer:

Adoption Attorney:

Adopt a Baby:

Adoption Help:

Adopt Help:

Bethany Christian Services Adoptions: Adopt a Baby:

Courageous Choice:

Little Angel Adoptions:

National Council for Adoption:

Pro-Life Across America:

Pro-Life Action League:


Pregnancy Counseling

Courageous Choice:

Corona Life Services:

National Life Center:


Statistical Information on Life and Abortion

Abortion Facts:

Abortion Statistics:

National Light to Life:


Post Abortion Healing

National Office of Post-abortion Reconciliation and Healing:

Hope After Abortion:

Rachel's Vineyard:


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